Morton Comes to Life

Morton the Magician • March 25, 2014

Since 2004, I have wanted to write a children’s book reflecting my childhood love of magic. It took five years for the concept to evolve and become a clear vision. The main character was based on my experiences as a young child, meeting my first magic mentor in the local library.

In 2009, I reached out to illustrator, Amanda Schutz, to collaborate on the development of Morton the Magician and His Magnificent Magic Show. Once the concept for the characters and storyline was developed, Amanda started illustrating the pages of the book. In the meantime, while on tour in British Columbia, I wrote the first draft. Many revisions later, the story of Morton came to life.

Book Cover

I am fascinated by Amanda’s talent and process in illustrating the story. After sketching all the pencil drawings by hand, they were scanned to computer where she added colour, texture, and text to create the book’s vibrant pages.

The book was printed overseas and then had a long journey by ship, train and truck until finally arriving in Edmonton, Alberta. From here, copies of the book have been shipped to young readers around the world.


With Amanda Schutz at our first book signing.

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