Upside Down Card

Learn Magic • March 20, 2014

A chosen card magically turns upside-down in the deck!

A deck of cards

There is none.

Ask a volunteer from the audience to choose a card.

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Turn your back to them so that you cannot see the card while they memorize it. While your back is turned, turn the bottom card of the deck face up and at the same time turn the entire deck over.

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When you turn back around, ask them to slide their card into the middle of the deck.

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Make sure that you do not spread the cards or else they will see that all of the cards are actually face up. Don’t let your audience see this!

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Because the top card is reversed on the deck, it will look as if they are just placing the card back, but what they are actually doing is putting the card back into the deck upside down.

Say, “Picture your card turning upside down.” While you say this, lower your hand with the deck to your side. Misdirect their attention by pointing to your head as if saying that they will need to use their mental powers. While the deck of cards is by your side, turn over the entire deck.

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Now when you spread the cards, it will appear as if only one card (the volunteer’s chosen card) is turned over in the deck.

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Do not spread the cards all the way to the bottom or else they will see the bottom card turned upside down. As they are applauding, secretly turn over the bottom card so that they will not notice the bottom card turned over and so that you can pass the deck to your audience for examination.

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