Mind Reading Card Trick

Learn Magic • March 20, 2014

You are able to demonstrate your ‘psychic’ powers to your audience.

A card is chosen at random, and then put back into the deck of cards.

After your volunteer mixes the cards, you are able to read their mind to tell them exactly what card they chose.

A deck of cards.

There is none.

“I will read your mind.” Take out your deck of cards. Have your volunteer take a card out of the middle of the deck.

Sheldon Teaching Tricks-8999

“Remember your card and think of it in your mind.” As they are looking at their card, you split the deck into two pieces so when they put their card back, it goes into the middle.  In this example, the card they chose is the Five of Hearts.

Before you put the top half of the deck on top of their card, you secretly look at the bottom card of that top pile.

Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9003

Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9009

“Place your card back and keep thinking of your card.”

When they put their card back, you put the top half on top. (The secret is that you now know the card right next to the card they are thinking of).

They can now cut the cards as many times as they would like to and it will not separate the two cards. Spread the cards face up on the table.

“By you thinking of your card, I will be able to find your card.”

As you look through the cards you will find the card you secretly looked at. Their card will be the card in front of yours.

Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9010

As you move your hands over the cards you say “I am getting a good feeling from these cards.” Keep narrowing down the cards until you are left with just one card – their card.

Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9011

“By reading your mind, I have narrowed it down to this card – your card.”

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