Vanishing Salt Shaker

Learn Magic • March 20, 2014

A salt shaker disappears right in front of the audience.

1 salt shaker
1 napkin (a stiff napkin works best)
1 coin

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You must be sitting down at a table without people sitting next to you.

You can perform this trick while sitting down for dinner. Take out a coin and place it on the table. Say that you will make the coin disappear. Cover the salt shaker with the napkin and then cover the coin with the saltshaker.

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Have your audience say the “magic words.” Remove the saltshaker pretending that the coin has disappeared, but it is still there.

While you are directing their attention to the coin still on the table, move your hand with the saltshaker and napkin to the edge of the table.

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The secret of misdirection is that your audience will look where you look. Secretly release the salt shaker into your lap. By loosening your grip on the napkin, the saltshaker will fall into your lap, but the napkin will keep the shape of the salt shaker.

Tell your audience that you will try again, and cover the coin with the “salt shaker” (the salt shaker is already gone, so just cover the coin with the napkin).

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Have your audience say the “magic words” again. Slam your hand onto the table and flatten the napkin.

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It will look like the salt shaker has disappeared. If you want to make the salt shaker re-appear, reach under the table and grab it out of your lap. It will appear as if you pushed the saltshaker right through the table.

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