Advice – Make Nervousness Disappear

Learn Magic • March 17, 2014

Everyone, including professional magicians, gets nervous when they are in front of an audience. It does not matter if you are performing for 10 or 10,000 people, you will always feel those little butterflies in your stomach. Knowing that your audience always wants you to succeed will give you an extra boost of confidence. The question is how to reduce your nervousness before you perform. I have made a list of the things that help me:

Make sure that you are ready. There is no worse feeling than to know that you are not ready to show a certain trick or routine.

This is where the standard saying “Practice, Practice, Practice” comes in.

Once you know your tricks so well that you can do them without even thinking about them, then you are ready to step out in front of an audience. If you know your routines well, and something unexpected happens, you will know how to recover and still put on a great show.

Double and triple check that all of your props are in order and that you have not forgotten anything. You do not want to be in the middle of a performance and remember that you forgot something at home or offstage.

Take the time to relax before your performance. Take a couple deep breaths to help calm your nerves or use your favourite relaxation technique.

If something wrong happens on stage, remember that you are the only one who knows what was supposed to happen. Do not let it distract you from the rest of your performance.

Keep eye contact with your audience. I know this may sound strange, but audiences are like animals in that they can sense fear. Do not let them see you sweat. If you show confidence on stage, they will respond with their attention and respect.

The best way to enjoy your time on stage is to have fun with the audience. If it appears as if you are having a good time, your audience will too.

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