Advice – Structuring Your Magic Show

Learn Magic • March 17, 2014

When presenting a magic show, determine the tricks that you will perform based on the ones that you perform well, that you are comfortable with, and that your audience will enjoy. A good thing to remember is to start and end with your best magic tricks. This will grab your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more.

The key to effective magic is making the difficult moves look easy and the easy moves look difficult. Learn to distract your audience at the right times. This can be done with “patter” or gestures. Find a style of presentation or a character that fits with who you are.

Magic is not only about the trick itself, it is about entertainment. Once you have mastered the actual trick, make sure that your routine and performance is entertaining. Humour, presentation, storyline, and originality are what make these tricks fun to watch. Anybody can perform a magic trick, but it takes a true magician to make it entertaining. It often helps if you present your magic with stories and meaning.

Instead of investing a lot of money into magic tricks and props, it is often best to invest in books and growing your knowledge. There are many magic tricks that can be performed with everyday objects or with inexpensive props available at your local magic shop. Sometimes the simplest magic tricks can be the most entertaining.

Be careful with where your audience is located. If part of your audience is watching from the side or from behind you, they may catch the “secret move.” Make sure that you select tricks that are appropriate to the angles of the audience.

Do not show all of your tricks to the same audience at once. If your knowledge of magic is limited, save some of the magic that you know for another time – this way you will not have to repeat the same magic to the same audience. This will keep your audience interested and wanting more.

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