What is Strolling Magic?

Events Planning Tips • March 26, 2014

Strolling magic is often referred to as roving magic, walk-around magic, close-up magic, table magic, or sleight-of-hand magic. Regardless of its name, strolling magic is highly interactive and is performed for small groups of people. Strolling magic creates a one-on-one personal experience for guests, where magic can be seen just inches away and is sometimes even performed in their own hands.


Using mainly cards, coins, borrowed objects, and sleight-of-hand techniques, strolling magic is a great icebreaker. Many types of functions can be enhanced with strolling magic, such as cocktail receptions, networking events, and hospitality suites. From the moment guests arrive they become engaged in the fun, welcoming atmosphere that strolling magic provides. Strolling magic is an amazing, shared experience that can be talked about throughout the event and beyond.

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