Advice – How to Practice Your Magic

Learn Magic • March 17, 2014

Make sure to practice your magic until you know that you are ready to perform it for an audience. If you perform before you are ready, your audience may be able to easily determine the secret of your magic. By practicing until you truly know your magic, you will be able to focus on entertaining rather than on what moves to do next.

Try not to harass your friends and family to watch a magic trick – they will soon lose interest. By not always harassing your friends and family, they will actually want to see you perform.

Practice your tricks in front of a mirror. It is helpful to see what your audience will see.

Videotape a performance, or even a few magic tricks. If you have it on tape, you are able to watch your performance over and over so that you can see what aspects you can improve.

After many hours of practice in front of a mirror, the best way to improve your magic is by performing for others. Pay close attention to how they react. This will let you know what to change and what to keep in your show.

It is okay to mess up – this is part of the learning process. Just make sure you learn from your mistakes. Just practice and don’t make that mistake again.

If a trick does not work for you or if it looks too difficult to learn, do not give up. Keep practicing until you have mastered it. You will not perform the trick perfectly the first time around.

Find a box or suitcase to store your magic tricks away from curious family or audience members.

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