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Sit back, laugh, and lose yourself in the magic of Sheldon Casavant. Magic is redefined by Sheldon with high energy, fun, and interactivity. Imagine a mind-bending experience where borrowed objects vanish and reappear, float through the air, and challenge the perceptions of reality.

Laughter, amazement and excitement: Sheldon’s light-hearted show will leave your audience with memories that will last a lifetime. Above all else, Sheldon’s performances will leave your guests with more questions than answers.

Sheldon offers a variety of options for a show to fit any need. See the videos below for a better glimpse of his high-energy performances.

  • “Everyone was amazed by Sheldon’s skill, charmed by his personality, and truly entertained by his humour…wonderful presentation!”

    - Suncor Energy
  • “Sheldon was amazing! He captivated the whole audience; they were glued to his every move. His interactive show energized the crowd and kept them on the edge of their seats. His flexibility and responsive personal communication makes him exceedingly easy to work with.”

    - Rocky Mountain Business Seminar
  • “Sheldon’s performance was top notch and we would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to be dazzled by a fast paced, humorous magical show.”

    - College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta

Sheldon Casavant is a Canadian magician whose performances have delighted audiences around the world. Make your next event unforgettable with Sheldon's high-energy, interactive magic show.
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Sheldon invites an audience member to call a friend and come on stage and put him to the test. A master illusionist with a great sense of performance and humour, Sheldon keeps his audience well entertained.
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Sheldon Casavant amazes people with his sleight of hand magic on the streets of Tokyo.
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Audience Participation

From the moment the show begins, the audience becomes the true stars of the show. Audience members take the stage to perform impossible feats of magic, engage in mind reading demonstrations, and be a part of the amazement first hand. Sheldon performs a style of comedy magic that is good-natured and inclusive... and the laughter is never at an audience member’s expense.

Strolling Magic

Through Sheldon’s pre-show strolling magic, an atmosphere of levity and fun is created from the moment your guests arrive. Moving from table to table and engaging with a number of small groups, Sheldon brings the magic directly into the hands of participants. Thrill your guests with this uniquely interactive opportunity to experience Sheldon’s magic up close and personal.

See Sheldon perform this type of magic on the streets of Tokyo


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Exploring the Impossible

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Share the intrigue of magic.  Invite Sheldon to create a lively, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event.