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Sheldon Teaching Tricks-8986

EFFECT: A chosen card magically turns upside-down in the deck! MATERIALS: A deck of cards SECRET SETUP: There is none. PERFORMANCE: Ask a volunteer from the audience to…
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Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9011

EFFECT: You are able to demonstrate your ‘psychic’ powers to your audience. A card is chosen at random, and then put back into the deck of cards. After…
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Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9015

EFFECT: A salt shaker disappears right in front of the audience. MATERIALS: 1 salt shaker 1 napkin (a stiff napkin works best) 1 coin SECRET SETUP: You must…
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Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9126

EFFECT: Two separate pieces of string melt together into one. MATERIALS: A piece of string (approximately 1-2 feet in length) SECRET SETUP: Find the middle of the string…
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Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9063

EFFECT: A pencil magically sticks to your hand. MATERIALS: A pencil (a ruler, table knife, or magic wand will work well too). SECRET SETUP: None required. PERFORMANCE: “I…
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Sheldon Teaching Tricks-9053

EFFECT: A glass of water magically turns to ice! MATERIALS: A coffee cup or Styrofoam cup An ice cube A sponge A small glass of water Note: Make…
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